C.C. and the Mystery of Her New BFF

Most of you know that I write a weekly column over at the Dormont-Brookline Patch.  Last week, I wrote a piece titled “3 Books I’m Reading Right Now”.  I gave a synopsis and review of Heaven is for Real, Mr. Monk on the Road, and Water for Elephants.

I wrote it, posted it and didn’t think anything of it.  Until the next day, when I received an email.  Not just any old email, and not an “I hate you and you suck” email like I’ve been getting due to my stand on dogs pooping in my yard.  I know…the nerve of me!

Anyway, this email was from someone important.  Like, a real somebody.  As in, THE AUTHOR OF ONE OF THE BOOKS I REVIEWED! Holy crap.

 Lee Goldberg (my new BFF), author of the Mr. Monk book collection (based on the TV series), among other writing gigs such as TV shows and novels, reached out to me.  One to thank me for the review, and two to correct some information I had in the piece.  Oopps…my bad!

Lee Goldberg, my new BFF. Let's do lunch Lee! Maybe a pedi?

I immediately alerted my editor to the corrections and nervously sent back an apology for the miswrite.  I mean, this guy is a real writer!  He has been nominated for Edgar Awards for crying out loud!  All I’ve ever been nominated for was…well, nothing actually.  Not even Homecoming Queen, if you can believe that.  So then I kept thinking, what if my email sucks?  What if he is expecting grand prose and all I sent was drivel?  I read and reread it about 10 times and made Chilla read it 10 times before I hit the send tab. And then I puked.

He graciously accepted my sincere apology and after a few back and forth emails to cement our new BFF status, Lee (my new BFF), sent me 8 books in the Monk series for my Kindle.

Seriously people, what a classy guy.  Oh hi!  I screwed up my review of YOUR book, but you send me a thank you and free books????  What did I do to deserve this?  Nothing… he is just that generous.

For all of you out there that LOVES a Pittsburgh connection, I have one for you.  Lee (my new BFF) told me he has been to the ‘Burgh once.  He was a speaker at the 8th Annual Forensic Science and Law Conference, presented by the Cyril Wecht Institute at Duquesne University.  I told you he was important.

I urge you all to support my new BFF’s endeavors by running to the store and buying every Monk book you can get your hands on, hell grab every book ever written by Lee Goldberg for that matter.  Maybe then I will get nominated for the Patch Person of the Week.  A girl can dream.



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9 responses to “C.C. and the Mystery of Her New BFF

  1. I have been long pondering reading the Monk books a long time, but this cements it. Problem is I have been so caught up in the “bewbs” epic that I was not able to tear myself away. I’m back on course.

  2. Mindbling

    Am I going to have to cut a bitch? I’M your BFF. I’m sure this Lee is darling, but I don’t know what he would be like as a Maid of Honor!

  3. Next step: a “thank you” in his next book.

  4. I’m thinking a Carla character, a femme fatale in a future plot line.

  5. You are one step closer to being famous…as I have always known you would be!

  6. I’m flattered to be your new BFF…but I fear you’ll dump me the instant you inevitably become Patch Person of the Week. You’ll be too good for me then. No, you already are. It’s true. So maybe it’s best if we break-up now, before the pain, before the recriminations, before I feel any more unworthy. It’s not you, it’s all me. I’ll never forget what we had together.


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