Name the Heat Wave

I am very disappointed with our local media. I thought FOR SURE they would have named this heat wave by now. Because, as we all know, this heat is a VERY BIG STORY.  I can’t remember the last time a BIG weather related story didn’t get a name, a graphic, and a hashtag on Twitter. SO! Since our local Pittsburgh media are apparently too heat-addled to think of something, I’m going to help them out.




Heat Tsunami

Burghers and Frys

Hot Dogs and Burghers

Also, here are some helpful tips for staying cool this weekend:

Don’t go outside.

You’re welcome!

Feel free to leave your name ideas and tips in the comments. If the heat hasn’t turned you into a zombie or something.



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12 responses to “Name the Heat Wave

  1. How about “The End of Days”?

  2. Cousin

    “the great melt” “the meltdown” “swampasses for the masses”

  3. Cousin

    “the great melt” “the meltdown” “swampasses for the masses” “swamptitty in the city”

  4. Mr. Heat Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus.

    They call me Heat Miser,
    Whatever I touch,
    Starts to melt in my clutch,
    I’m too much!

  5. TxCris

    Sweat And the City
    Gone with the Hot Wind
    Mrs. Hellfire
    From Here to Eternal Hell

  6. You’d think some news stations would at least fry pierogies on the sidewalk.

  7. redram1

    Hotdog Holocaust

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