C.C.’s Safari Shower

Mindbling, Smitty Kitty, and myself (Hot Mama…duh) were the lucky bridesmaids for C.C.’s wedding. We had frequent ‘bridesmaid meetings’ which mostly consisted of all of us getting together, bride included (she doesn’t want to miss anything and hates surprises, so she was involved in almost every aspect of her own shower) to drink champagne and gossip.  Since Mindbling, SM, and myself all love eachother, and have very similar ideas on what we should be doing for C.C.’s shower, it was pretty simple for us to plan. We decided that it would be easiest, and the most fun, if we had the bridal shower and the bachelorette party all in the same day. It would be epic!

We decided to go with a, you guessed it, safari theme. And by safari, we of course mean copious amounts of animal print. The chosen venue for the shower was The House o’ Bling…that way we could get totally crazy and not get kicked out.

I had arranged to pick up the balloons in the morning before the shower. I think there were about 30 of them. I did not take into account how annoying that would be, in my truck, with both of my children. By the time Hot Papa dropped me and the balloons off at Mindbling’s, I was ready to stick my head into a bees nest.

Smitty Kitty and I both arrived early to help Bling set everything up. This was the first time I had seen Bling since her boob job, so it was important for me to take a few minutes and feel her up. Then we were off in a buzz of activity. There were zebra printed cupcake papers to fill with candies, zebra printed table runners to put out, gorgeous red centerpieces to set up, and glasses of champagne for us to drink in the process.

Go ahead. Be jealous.

The cake was a cake to beat all cakes. It was so stunning that when I saw it, it actually made me tear up. Two tiers of animal printed fabulosity!!

Not only was it sexy...it also tasted a-freaking-mazing!!

Smitty Kitty had purchased a bunch of adorable little stuffed monkeys, and we put them everywhere…they sort of became our mascot for the day/evening.

I had put blood, sweat, and tears into making the favors. I sucked up all my pride and went back into the craft store. Yes. I did it. You all may remember my craft store aversion from this post. But, when you love someone the way that I love C.C., you make sacrifices. You also make the most awesome favors ever complete with zebra printed nail files and zebra printed lip glosses. And handmade zebra tags made out of scrapbooking paper. I was pretty damn proud of myself.

Smitty Kitty’s hubbers arrived with the delicious food from Hard Rock Cafe and all of his DJ equipment. That’s right. We had a DJ for the shower. That’s how we roll.

We finished setting everything up and the three of us got ready, adorned in our dressy animal print dresses. We were lookin hawt. C.C. arrived shortly thereafter, and we made her cover her eyes as we walked her to her back yard safari. She seemed to love it, so of course we were all thrilled.

Sexiest bridal party EVER!!

People started arriving and before we knew it, the back yard was filled the sounds of ladies laughing and ‘Jungle Love’ on the speakers. Honestly, the entire thing went perfectly. C.C. did not want shower games (and I don’t blame her. Who actually LIKES shower games? I can tell you. No one.) Instead we held a chinese auction to raffle off several gift baskets. We had a wine basket, a coffee basket…you get the idea. We set a timer while she was opening her gifts and every time it went off, put pulled out a raffle ticket.

We also made a hangover basket. It consisted of aspirin, Gatorade, pepto, 5-hour energy, and a pregnancy test. And guess who won it?? The ONLY pregnant girl in attendance. Oh, the bitter irony!

The shower winded down and it was just the bridesmaids, C.C., and a couple guests still left. Were were all still sitting outside, drinking the last of our glasses of champagne and basking in the glory of our successful bridal shower. All of a sudden, a bee started flying around us. Then another. Then about 1000 more appeared. I got stung in the back of the leg. I guess my wish from earlier had come true…we were, in fact, being attacked by a nest of angry bees. We moved the party inside at that point.

All in all, the party was amazing…with the exception of the bee attack. I felt honored to be a part of C.C.’s special day!

And they will live happily ever after...

Happy Buzzing!!
Hot Mama



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6 responses to “C.C.’s Safari Shower

  1. Those are some hot boobs.

    What an awesome time! That cake looked awesome!

  2. Monkeys and cake. My perfect day.

  3. Mindbling

    I would like to point out our dedication to a theme – notice the little animal figurines around the cake, When we do something, we freaking DO IT.

  4. Cassie beat me to it… “Jugs A’Plenty”. I think the bees just wanted in on the action.

  5. I would just like to add, that this was one of the happiest days of my life!

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