Getting Hitched ~ The C.C. & Chilla Edition

Believe it or not today, October 10, 2011 is mine and Chilla’s 1 month wedding anniversary and 2 year-since-the-day-we-met anniversary.  Wow how time can fly by!

Our wedding was truly the most spectacular day of our lives and we have our fantastic friends and wonderful family to thank for making it such a fabulous day.  Everything went smoothly and without drama.  We did have a 20 minute rain spurt right after the ceremony, but I’m looking at that as unicorns throwing good luck fairy dust on us.

Highlights of the day: Lots and lots of champers, Chilla clanking his ring on the champers bottle in the limo, Mindbling bringing the house down with her Maid of Honor speech, conga line, fireworks night, being told I look like Ava Gardner, our friend BoomBoom becoming a wedding crasher, the after party at Bar Louie, Hot Mama taking my eyelashes and making a smiley face with them on a plate when I was sad about my Dad not being there, and lots and lots of drunk party members by the end of the night.

Instead of trying to explain the love, the fun and the hilarity of the day, I’ve just decided to create a video montage of my favorite moments.  I cry each time I watch it.

Cheers to Love!



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9 responses to “Getting Hitched ~ The C.C. & Chilla Edition

  1. My favorite photo is at 3:35. SO CUTE! You looked gorgeous (of course). Looks like a fabulous wedding. 🙂 Congrats, C!

  2. That was a truly great day. We had a BLAST!

  3. Hot Mama

    Tears!! Happy ones :’) It was an amazing day, wasn’t it? I love the kiss picture at the very end…you are both smiling and its hot!! Happy One Month Anniv!! xo

  4. CC, you looked gorgeous, not that I have to tell you that, because it’s obvious! I’m so happy for you!


  5. Congratulations to some of my favorite people! Love the pictures. Hope no one smacked their heads on the low door at Old St. Lukes.

    Now, let’s see some video of Bling’s toast! Or a transcript!

  6. JeffnATL

    Beautiful photos! You look so beautiful and happy!

  7. Apron

    Such an amazing day – I’m so happy for you both!! I have such gorgeous friends!

  8. fashionsastranger

    Gorgeous pictures. I’m so happy for you… congrats on the double anniversary! Amy xxx

  9. HOLY BEAUTIFUL DRESS! Also, your veil…I’m in love.

    Your anniversaries…both wedding and meeting…fall pretty much exactly around the same time as mine. Good times.

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