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Getting Hitched ~ The C.C. & Chilla Edition

Believe it or not today, October 10, 2011 is mine and Chilla’s 1 month wedding anniversary and 2 year-since-the-day-we-met anniversary.  Wow how time can fly by!

Our wedding was truly the most spectacular day of our lives and we have our fantastic friends and wonderful family to thank for making it such a fabulous day.  Everything went smoothly and without drama.  We did have a 20 minute rain spurt right after the ceremony, but I’m looking at that as unicorns throwing good luck fairy dust on us.

Highlights of the day: Lots and lots of champers, Chilla clanking his ring on the champers bottle in the limo, Mindbling bringing the house down with her Maid of Honor speech, conga line, fireworks night, being told I look like Ava Gardner, our friend BoomBoom becoming a wedding crasher, the after party at Bar Louie, Hot Mama taking my eyelashes and making a smiley face with them on a plate when I was sad about my Dad not being there, and lots and lots of drunk party members by the end of the night.

Instead of trying to explain the love, the fun and the hilarity of the day, I’ve just decided to create a video montage of my favorite moments.  I cry each time I watch it.

Cheers to Love!



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C.C. and the Mystery of Her New BFF

Most of you know that I write a weekly column over at the Dormont-Brookline Patch.  Last week, I wrote a piece titled “3 Books I’m Reading Right Now”.  I gave a synopsis and review of Heaven is for Real, Mr. Monk on the Road, and Water for Elephants.

I wrote it, posted it and didn’t think anything of it.  Until the next day, when I received an email.  Not just any old email, and not an “I hate you and you suck” email like I’ve been getting due to my stand on dogs pooping in my yard.  I know…the nerve of me! Continue reading


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Furrrr-Burgh 2011

It’s that time of year again!  Time for the Anthrocon Convention, otherwise known as the Furry-Con.  For some reason, they loves them some Pittsburgh.  I think this is the 5th year its been held here.  In a town where sportswear is considered formal, I don’t think most Burghers are judging the fuzz love.

On WDVE’s website they posted this site: Furry Name Generator

Now this is hours of entertainment!

CC:  Nala Clawbite

Mindbling:  Bunny Deathlight

Hot Mama:  Life Clawbite

Mrrrooowww!!!!  Do they know us or what?  And apparently, CC and Hot Mama are related.  Who knew?

If you’re downtown this weekend be sure to hug a furry.  I bet it feels furr-tastic!


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C.C. Has Something Stuck in her Craw

Life has calmed down a bit since the last post.  Once everyone came out of the fog, we all realized….WE STILL HAVE A WEDDING TO PLAN!!!

You guys, it’s less than 3 months away and still soooo much shit to do.  Yesterday, I had my wedding gown fitting.  Me and my mom went and it was a lovely time.  No drama, fighting or hysterics between us, which is a rarity. Continue reading


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Heaven Has a New Angel

I want to run around in circles and scream my head off.  I want to pound my fists on the kitchen table.  I want to pull my hair out by its roots.  I want to smash every plate I have in cupboard.  And, I want to collapse on the floor in a heaping pile of sadness, depression and hurt.

Its not fair.  Its just not fair.  Life isn’t fair.  No one ever said it was.  But I still woke up every day looking for the sun to shine.  And yesterday it did not.

Yesterday, my sister in law gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  He had a full head of dark hair.  She was only 6 months along.  He only lived an hour.  He had a condition called Potters Syndrome.  And its not fair.

Nathan Gabriel is our angel today and forever.  We loved you the moment we knew about you and that will never stop.

You are always in my heart little one.

~ Aunt C.C.


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Congrats Will and Kate!

You know you love it!!

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Missing You ~ Apron/BitchBurgh Addition

One of our besties, Apron, who actually used to guest post on the Mindbling blog had moved about 3,000 miles away from us last year.  She misses us all the time and we miss her so bad it hurts.

Based on the email that Mindbling and C.C. received from Apron yesterday, she was having a moment right then.

Apron ~ We love and miss you like crazy!  Good news, we will see you in June and that’s only like 8 weeks away!!!!  Hang on until then because we are going to party like its 1999.

xoxox Mindbling & C.C. Continue reading

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