Know some background on all the people we talk about:

Apron: Our token hipster friend. She is a poet, a writer, a gin-drinking lush, and a fabulous shopping buddy.

Baby Daddy: Mindbling jr.’s dad. They were never married, but  remain the best of friends to this day. Except for the days they hate each other.

Bebe – A friend of MB who she adores, who sometimes gets drunk and takes Mindbling to Steeler’s games. Has been known to dress in drag.

Blondie: Hot Mamas friend from high school, owner of Studio Raw.  He has the face of an angel and the mouth of a trucker.

Britt: Apron’s husband. He is from England, and we like to get drunk and talk to him all like “‘Ello Guvner!”.

Birdie: Hot Mama’s neighbor on the other side…musically inclined chick, has known Hot Mama since 9th grade when they were in high school musicals together.

Bling Jr:  Mindbling’s son who we refer to as Jr.  He is hitting puberty and getting hair in weird places.  Loves Hamburger Helper….it’s his mom’s specialty.

BoomBoom: MB’s friend from back in the “Jim & Chucks Boots” days.  She now lives in NYC and we are hoping to have many trips up there to see her.

Chilla:  CC’s  fiance and the bitches techie savant. All things media related, he has a hand in around here and we couldn’t do it without him.  CC and Chilla met at PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 and it was love at first sight.

Coffee: Long time and dear friend of all the bitches.  She doesn’t drink much alcohol but she is definitely addicted to the caffeine.

Cousin: is actually MB’s cousin. She drinks too much, calls MB “Mother”, and has finally moved out on her own. She is super annoying but keeps us laughing, and we love her, so we let her hang around.

Craiggie:  Husband to Seattle

Dean: Birdie’s boyfriend…he doesn’t get a nickname cause he wants you to know who he is. Guitar player for Music From Another Room…a kick ass Pittsburgh band.

Drummer: Hot Mama’s little brother. He is a drumming prodigy and will probably be the first President of the United States who doubles as a rock star.

Evil Ex – The last serious boyfriend Mindbling had. He was a controlling dick who screwed her out of thousands of dollars. Him, we do not like.

E-Man: Hot Mama’s oldest boy, born in 2004

Feminazi: MB’s lesbian friend, Castro-sympathizer, and pretty much one of the smartest people she knows.

Goffchile:  CC’s  ex-boyfriend

Harley and Mrs. Davidson: Hot Mama’s motorcycle lovin neighbors who will tell you that a crotch rocket is NOT a real motorcycle.

Hot Papa (formerly known as BFF): Laid back, anything goes hubby to Hot Mama and father of their 2 boys. Blue collar, hard working Pittsburgh guy, loves shooting pool, Yuengling, and the Steelers. Often clueless, but has a huge heart and the best set of abs this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

Iron City Smitty – Founding member of our South Hills Proud Alcoholics group and CC’s neighbor

Mavbling: Mindbling and Mavrick’s baby boy, born September 2010

Mavrick:  Mindbling’s man.  Met at the divey Ivy….Its been laughs and hijinx ever since. Proud papa to Mavbling born in September 2010.

Phoenix: Hot Mama’s very cool, creative, well dressed former roommate and good girlfriend since 2000! She lived out West for a few years, but is now back in the ‘burgh!

Richard Gere:  CC’s neighbor, paranoid conspiracy theorist.  Happens to have known Chilla from back in the day at work.

Seattle:  CC’s friend that is from Philly, lived in Pittsburgh and moved to Seattle.  She is a crazy smart scientist and kills rats for a living.  So not even kidding.

Smiley: Hot Mama’s youngest boy, born in 2007

Sunshine: Goth girl extraordinaire. Cohort from way back in the day working  at GNC  with CC and Mindbling.

Wikke and Wad – They are very successful A type personalities, who are surprisingly fun to drink with! They were married June 2010 and CC and Hot Mama were bridesmaids.

Wednesday Night Ladies aka WNLS: a group of anywhere from 1 to 3 girls that come to Hot Mama’s house on Wednesday nights to drink wine, eat queso dip, and watch chick flicks.