Getting Hitched ~ The C.C. & Chilla Edition

Believe it or not today, October 10, 2011 is mine and Chilla’s 1 month wedding anniversary and 2 year-since-the-day-we-met anniversary.  Wow how time can fly by!

Our wedding was truly the most spectacular day of our lives and we have our fantastic friends and wonderful family to thank for making it such a fabulous day.  Everything went smoothly and without drama.  We did have a 20 minute rain spurt right after the ceremony, but I’m looking at that as unicorns throwing good luck fairy dust on us.

Highlights of the day: Lots and lots of champers, Chilla clanking his ring on the champers bottle in the limo, Mindbling bringing the house down with her Maid of Honor speech, conga line, fireworks night, being told I look like Ava Gardner, our friend BoomBoom becoming a wedding crasher, the after party at Bar Louie, Hot Mama taking my eyelashes and making a smiley face with them on a plate when I was sad about my Dad not being there, and lots and lots of drunk party members by the end of the night.

Instead of trying to explain the love, the fun and the hilarity of the day, I’ve just decided to create a video montage of my favorite moments.  I cry each time I watch it.

Cheers to Love!



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Girls Gone Wild: CC’s B-Party and The Night Shit Got Broke. And Also The Next Day.

Do not want.

CC had a few requests for her bachelorette party – no strippers, and no penises of any kind, be it a penis straw, a penis necklace, an actual penis … she wanted none of it. She said she was too damn old to be running around bedecked in penises, and male strippers are totally gross and not even ironically funny.

I, being that Maid of Mother Fucking Honor, or MOMFH for short, agreed. No peens for the party. Hot Mama agreed, and Smitty Kitty agreed, and so it was writ, we were going to plan a totally peen free bachelorette party.

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C.C.’s Safari Shower

Mindbling, Smitty Kitty, and myself (Hot Mama…duh) were the lucky bridesmaids for C.C.’s wedding. Continue reading


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Mindbling Does a Guest Blog!

So me and Mavrick actually MADE it to this concert (see previous post) … And I guest blogged about it at Boring Pittsburgh. Check it out while me and the ladies get our collective bloggity asses together. We miss you guys!





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How Mindbling Was Going to go to the U2 Concert

These glasses? Totally made them a thing.

My dearest Cousin, Cousin, called me to tell me that her and her boyfriend, Water Wings, had extra tickets to U2, and did we want to go? Water Wings is in the military, and in exchange for risking his life everyday for our freedom, they sometimes give him free concert tickets. I hate passing up free anything, so once I secured a sitter, I told her we were in.

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Name the Heat Wave

I am very disappointed with our local media. I thought FOR SURE they would have named this heat wave by now. Because, as we all know, this heat is a VERY BIG STORY.  I can’t remember the last time a BIG weather related story didn’t get a name, a graphic, and a hashtag on Twitter. SO! Since our local Pittsburgh media are apparently too heat-addled to think of something, I’m going to help them out.




Heat Tsunami

Burghers and Frys

Hot Dogs and Burghers

Also, here are some helpful tips for staying cool this weekend:

Don’t go outside.

You’re welcome!

Feel free to leave your name ideas and tips in the comments. If the heat hasn’t turned you into a zombie or something.


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CC’s Big Fat Italian Wedding Shower

It's almost like Chilla took a class, How To Be The Most Awesomest Future Husband EVER

Warning: The following post includes severe stereotyping of Italians, Irish folks, and brides. If you are easily offended, please read with caution. Or, you know, don’t read at all. Up to you! xoxo, Mindbling

CC has been my best friend for over 15 years (regardless of what she said in her previous post and whoever this Lee crackerjack is), so while I had hoped to be Maid of Honor when she got married, I wasn’t banking on it. CC has a lot of friends , a sister in law, and 87 cousins. She comes from this big, huge Italian family, and so does Chilla. I’m pretty sure their wedding is going to be staked out by the FBI, but I digress.

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