I’m a 30-something chick trying to stay hip as life and technology are passing me by.  I share my life with my super-fantastic love of my life “Chilla”,  my 3 cats (Salem, Lucy & Oliver) plus 1 step-cat (Leia), and orange vodka.  I smoke like its my job and I’m up for promotion, swear way too much and laugh so hard I cry.  I pay my bills on time, don’t go to church, take yoga, wax vadge as a part-time job and adore my girlfriends.  Look out cause I just got an iPhone.


I am just your average, ordinary, every day Super Goddess. I believe in peace, wine, and fantastic sex. I would rather read than watch TV, drink than eat, and bang than shop. I can be loud, and I am often wrong, but I am always entertaining. I love my kid, my dogs, and my freedom. I like brains over beauty, but I will Botox in a heartbeat because I like to be complex like that. You can love me or hate me, but you cannot ignore me. I won’t let you.


I am a nearing-the-end-of-twenty-something wife and mom to two beautiful boys. I am a former wild child, but having a family has calmed me down…for the most part, anyway. I spend my days being a stay at home mom which I mostly enjoy, but sometimes I go a little crazy! Ok a lot crazy. I am a bit high strung, I like things a certain way, and I hate to be late…but my very laid back hubby ‘Hot Papa’ always makes sure that we are late for everything. Some may say we are an odd pair, but what can I say, he is the Ross to my Rachel. I am not ashamed to say that I drink box o’ wine. I am not ashamed to say I desperately want plastic surgery. I am not ashamed to say I have never moved away from Pittsburgh because I could not survive without my mom.  I love good music, good food, good books, and changing the color of my hair. Since I don’t have any sisters, I am very lucky that I am surrounded by a whole bunch of amazing girlfriends.