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01/12/11: East Coast Wine Geeks: Podcast Mashup Reviewing Paradocx Pail Pink

10/15/10: Comic Book Pitt: 2nd Annual CBP/BB Mash-Up

9/20/10 : BitchBurgh Presents….Living Out Loud @ Podcamp PGH 5

4/15/10 PG+: Omnivore

3/24/10 Bitch Slap Podcasts: Monthly Episodes

2/24/10 PopCity.com: Airport Blizzard

2/21/10 Jezebel.com: Things to Do In The Airport When You’re Bored

1/4/10 Modcloth.com: Polar Bears Spotted in Pittsburgh

1/1/10 KDKA News: Brave People Take Polar Bear Plunge at Mon Wharf

10/26/09 Burghseyeview: Chachi, Please Remove Shelle From The Studio

10/17/09 Comic Book Pitt BitchBurgh Teams Up with The Comic Book Pitt