Well, It’s Been Real!

Oh, guys. I have bad news. We are kind of sort of leaving Bitchburgh. We’ve all taken our time off for various reasons, but it looks like right now none of us have what it takes to be a Bitch. CC is too busy being married and fabulous, Hot Mama went and get herself a full time job (because you know, raising two boys, three if you count Hot Papa, isn’t enough. She’s superwoman), and me, well…. lemme explain.

I’ve changed. A lot. Perhaps you’ve noticed. I’ve out grown Bitchburgh. I hate saying that. I love Bitchburgh. There is some funny, funny shit on here. And there always will be. I will leave this up. Mainly because I’ve already decided that I’m never going to run for office. And really, most people who know me already know it’s my blog, so I figure if there were ever going to be any negative ramifications, they would have happened. (Sidenote: Over on my new blog, which we will get to shortly, I’m going to tell you about an amazingly wonderful ramification of my blog. So you should probably tune in for that).

So yes, I’m over it. It feels like I’m forcing it when I write here now, and that’s never good. I have lots to say, I just want it to be….different. And I didn’t want to highjack Bitchburgh and make her something she wasn’t. I was over thinking up ‘blog names’ for people and a host of other things.  I want to thank Bitchburgh for getting me through my sex life over share phase, the birth of my youngest son, and my boob job. I will be forever grateful and I have nothing but love.

But the time has come to move on. I needed a space where I can be me. I mean actually me. Where work folk, family folk, my kids, everyone can read it without me getting embarrassed/arrested/fired. Where I can get passionate about my passions. Where I can post adorable pictures of my children and wax rhapsodic about Merlot. It will still be me, I promise. Just a bit more refined. Fancy. Bigger words. Less vagina.

I hope you will join me. And this blog isn’t going anywhere. You never know when we might make an appearance. : )

Yours in writerosity,

The woman formerly known as Mindbling, now known as Bethany.

See you at Running On Wine


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  1. Awww. I’m going to miss all the vagina.

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